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Random photos of nature in Latvia
Kaucminde Manor
The manor house was built around 1780 for Count Peter Ludwig von der Pahlen by Danish-born architect Severin Jensen. A project to attach the manor house to the adjacent buildings was completed in 1912, so the semi-circular complex is also called Kaucminde Palace.
Padure Manor
Padure manor is the most beautiful building of Classicism architecture in Latvia and that is why it deserves a look. It retains original drawings on its walls, all original doors, windows, eight Classicism stoves, stairs and floors. The surroundings also change depending on the season. These pictures were taken in early spring, when the snow has already melted, but nature hasn't really woken up yet. A reason for an excursion on the Kurzeme side, as well as a good place for various activities!
Random pictures of wildlife in Latvia
The Capital of Latvia
.... walk around. Since my first visit in 2010, I decided to make some higher quality pictures in 2023
Singapore city centre pictures
St. John's Church is the second (next to the medieval castle) most notable architectural object in Cēsis and one of the oldest medieval architectural monuments in Latvia. It was built in the 13th century and is one of the oldest sacred cult buildings in Latvia. It has been the cathedral of the Livonian Order, masters of the order, clergy and knights are buried there. The threshold of the church is exactly 100 meters above sea level.
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